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Accessible Adventures

helpreviewlThis section is intended for the disability community to share information about the accessibility of public facilities, such as restaurants and stores. Please note that the SILC tries to ensure that no rude, disrespectful, factually inaccurate, or overly critical review is published. While the SILC’s editorial policy is to review all postings before they are published, the views represented are solely those of the party commenting and are neither independently verified for factual accuracy by the SILC, nor are they representative of the views of the SILC as a whole, or any of its specific council members. Anonymous postings cannot be assured publication. We hope that Accessibility Adventures will serve to educate the public and business community about the ADA and about the shopping experience for the disability community. At the same time, Accessible Adventures affords members of the disability community the opportunity to learn from one another about the accessibility of public facilities in their community.

Cheers to all!


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